Top 5 Free Best Antivirus For Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest innovation and creation of the Microsoft team and has replaced Windows 8.1 to become the most used operating system in 2019. Windows 10 introduced what Microsoft described as “universal apps”  these apps can be designed to run on multiple Microsoft devices using the identical code.

Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Edge Web Browser and many other features like face recognition and fingerprint recognition. Windows 10 introduced many changes and filled many security holes left by Windows 7 and Windows 10 but still, nothing is perfect as they say.

Best Antivirus For Windows 10

With new innovation and development scammer and hackers find new ways to corrupt and infect the software and the same is happening with Windows 10. Windows has become the prime target for hackers around the world to steal your information and this is when you need to safeguard your Pc against these attackers and one of the best ways to safeguard your computer is to use Antivirus programs and that is why today we are here with 5 best Antivirus For Windows 10. You can easily download them over the internet from their official websites.

Top 5 Free Best Antivirus For Windows 10

1) Microsoft Security Essentials

No matter what the version of Windows is in my opinion Microsoft Security Essentials is the best antivirus anyone can have. Microsoft Security essentials a product of Microsoft is a software very small in size but very effective overall.

Windows Security Essentials works same as Windows Defender and all it asks is you to keep the software updated for it to function properly. It schedules regular scans and notifies you as soon as it finds something. You can quarantine or just remove the program that is causing problems for your device.

2) Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky with its well-rounded services in the antivirus market provides the best features and protection against third-party threats and viruses. This post is about free antivirus but it was very important to add Kaspersky in this list because if you just pay a little fee to Kaspersky it provides you the absolute protection.

The free version of Kaspersky is also available to download and still has many functionality that’s worth your time. It always secures top 5 places whenever a list of Antivirus is made whether it’s for Windows or Android. You can check some of the best Antivirus Apps For Android.

3) Avira Internet Security

When it comes to free best Antivirus For Windows 10 Avira is the perfect choice for all. Avira has been in the antivirus industry for a long time and has all the traits of a good antivirus. Avira promises real-time protection with non-intrusiveness.

4) Bitdefender Internet Security 2016

Bitdefender provides ultimate protection against online threats and viruses and identity thefts. Bitdefender with its new rich set of security features has always delivered solid results in performance, ease of use and protection. Bitdefender free version is available to download or you can also go for the paid feature for one computer or multiple computers.

5) Norton Security 2016

Norton is a Symantec product and is a leading antivirus brand all over the world. Norton has been around for many years and has always been in top 5 list of antivirus. Norton provides real-time protection against online threats and malware and phishing sites. It scans all the external links and all the files downloaded from the web for any existence of virus and if found eliminated and thus becoming the best antivirus for Windows 10.

So these are some of the best antivirus for Windows 10 and I hope you like them. You can download these antivirus programs by searching on Google and thus downloading from the official portal. If you have any question to ask or anything to contribute to this post let us know and don’t forget to check the best antivirus for android.

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