Top 10 Best Browsers For Android Phone In 2019

A browser is a software application that is used to access information on the web and there are hundreds of web browsers available online but only a few of them are safe and easy to use and we should look for a safe, secure and easy to use web browser and that is why today we are going to share with you top 10 best browsers for Android Phone.

Choosing the right browser can make a huge difference and that is why we have tested each of the browsers we have listed here and we totally recommend all of them. You can choose any of those browsers to use and download them from the Google Play Store.

Browsers are available to download on the Google Play Store for free most of the times but sometimes there are some browsers that provide extra functionality and they like to charge for it. Sometimes even paying is not a bad thing because it provides you with something extra and premium.

The browsers listed below are multi-platform browsers, you can use them on Android Phones, IOS devices as well as personal computers. Once you download and sign in to that browser your details or saved details gets synced to the cloud and you can use them from a different device as well.

Top 10 Browsers For Android Phone In 2019

1) Microsoft Edge

browsers for android phone

Microsoft Edge is one of the best web browsers around and after its release on Windows 10 the web browser is available to download on Android devices as well. The browser provides data sync, voice search, incognito and QR Reader as well and we have also written about reinstalling Microsoft Edge so have a read.

2) Google Chrome

browsers for android phone

Google Chrome is a name that is known to all, especially when we talk about web browsers. Microsoft Edge comes preinstalled with Windows but Chrome is what most people use on a daily basis and that says something.

If you are looking for a fast, secure web browser that doesn’t take too much space on your phone then Chrome is obviously the right way to go.

3) Opera Browser

browsers for android phone

Opera has made a big name for themselves when it comes to browsers. Opera has many versions or styles of browsers available and most popular among them is Opera Mini. Opera Mini offers a smooth and secure experience to its users and provides some additional features as well eg: Night Mode, Downloading etc.

4) Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the choice of millions and that is why we have included it in our list. Firefox provides fast and intelligent search and you can choose among a number of search engines and you can also set one as default.

Data Synchronised can be used on different devices connected to the web as well. Firefox is among one of the few browsers that support add-ons which can help you block advertising while browsing.

5) Uc Browser

Uc Browser is a big name in the Android community because it is one of the few browsers that introduced the downloading feature in it. Uc Browser provides a multi-tab feature, a variety of stickers, watching videos while downloading etc.

6) Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser offers fast loading speed, Ad Blocking, incognito browsing, html5 video player and much more features. Dolphin Browser has more than 150 Million downloads on the play store and more than 2 Million reviews which speaks a big deal about the browser.

7) Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus also known as the privacy browser because of all of its privacy integrated features. Firefox Focus is like the better and secure version of Mozilla Firefox for Android.

Firefox Focus only has sessions in private mode so that nothing is saved and it also provides one-click deletion of history.

8) Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser offers features such as adblocking, night mode, pop up blocker, move the address bar to bottom. It uses the chromium bases that’s why the UI looks similar and it is capable of loading pages fast with its data saving feature.

9) Ecosia Browser

Ecosia Browser is a plane friendly web browser where you can help just by downloading the app and making it your default browser on the devices and doing searches using it.The revenue generated using the browser is used to plant tress all over the world thus saving the nature.

10) Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go claims to be the most secure and privacy concerned browser, after the Facebook privacy scandal Duck Duck Go started getting more and more users and have come a long way since then and added many useful features as well. So this is one of the top tier browsers and I recommend this browser if you are also concerned about privacy.

So these are top 10 best browsers for Android phone in 2019 and we will be updating the list on a constant basis and will be adding more browsers to the list after testing them. If you think there is a browser that we missed make sure to comment below and we will update our post.

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