Top 5 Best Browsers For Windows 10

Microsoft released many versions of Windows Operating system and with every new version OS started to get better and with that the people’s need for a better browser to surf the Internet grew too and that is why today we are here with Top 5 Best Browsers For Windows 10.

Best Browsers For Windows 10

Everyone has their own preferred browser but not every browser works perfectly with every version of Windows and that is why today we are here with some of the best browsers for the latest version of Windows which is Windows 10. These 5 browsers have been chosen from hundreds of browsers available online and all of these chosen browsers are available to download for free.

Top 5 Best Browsers For Windows 10

1) Google Chrome

When it comes to compiling best browsers list one cannot leave Google Chrome out because Chrome is one of the most used browsers online and the reason behind it is that Chrome is stable, cross-platform and serves information in a very presented way and that’s why users love Google Chrome.

Chrome is a product of Google and has all the Google products integrated into the browser itself and that is one of the reasons people choose it over other browsers on the web.

2) Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer is one name that everyone knows whether they are using Windows or Mac, there are few to none people left on the planet who have not used Internet Explorer and in Windows 10 Microsoft came with a boom and released Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge comes integrated into Windows 10 and is very stable and has a very elegant look. Users can’t resist falling in love with this new browser and that is why Microsoft Edge is in Top 5 best browsers for Windows 10.

3) Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox was once the best web browser around believe it or not and sadly today it is on third place and the reason is its outdated look and its lag and number of extensions available when compared to its competitors out there.

Firefox performs medium in the benchmark tests but in the past few months Firefox seems to be lifting its standards and hope we soon see a completely new revamped Mozilla Firefox.

4) Opera

This is a name that every smartphone user is familiar with but let me tell you Opera is an even better browser for Windows 10 according to their latest reports. Opera has everything that a top-tier Browser needs to have but still have a market share of less than 2%.

Opera became popular because of their turbo feature and that is even if you are using one of the browsers above I recommend installing Opera too so that you can access the web even if you are on slow speed internet.

5) Safari

Apple’s flagship browser goes cross-platform so now Safari is even available for Windows 10.You might not have heard of Safari till now because it used to be an Apple device only browser but now that it has gone cross-platform you can try it out and see for yourself how good it is.

Safari will really catch your eyes if you are looking for something fast and flashy but no matter how fast Safari is it will never rise beyond the 5th place in the top 5 best browsers for Windows 10.

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So these were some of the best Browsers for Windows 10 and we will also be coming with best browsers for Windows Phone so feel free to subscribe and if you have anything to share or have any questions to ask feel free to ask in comments

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