How To Apply For Canada Visa From Dubai, Canada Visit Visa Application Form

Canada Visa From Dubai

Dubai is a dreamland for many but sometimes even Dubai citizens need to get out of the country and explore the outer world for many purposes and to visit other countries you need to have proper documentation which includes passport and visa and in this post we are going to talk on how to apply for Canada visa from Dubai.

Visa process can sometimes be very tedious and some people don’t even understand the applying process for visa and that is why here we have started an International section where we talk on how you can apply for the visa for various countries.

Canada Visa From Dubai

Canada doesn’t require a visa when you are visiting from certain neighbor countries like the USA, if you are from the United States of America you can stay in Canada for a maximum of 180 days but in case we are talking about people from Dubai visiting Canada who definitely need to go through the visa process.

There are many ways to apply for a Canadian visa, you can follow the online process or you can follow the offline process. The offline process involves you going to the immigration office and filing your paperwork there, sometimes it takes much time and becomes a tedious process and this is why most people nowadays prefer the online process, we have also posted on how to get the tourist visa for Dubai from India.

How To Apply For Canada Visa From Dubai

Applying for a Visa online is a very simple process and you can upload your documents online for verification purposes which saves you both time and money.

There are two ways to apply for a visa online and we will be discussing both the ways in this article that can help you get your visa faster.

1) Visa Agents

The easiest way to apply for a Canadian visa is to hire some agent to do it for you. There are online as well as offline agents. You can do an easy “Canada Visa Agents” search on Google and you will get a list of all the agents in your city and you can contact them.

There are visa agents online as well, there are multiple websites online that help people get their visa. You can simply signup on their website and they will provide you with their contact information where you can send your documents. Make sure you verify the site identity before sending them money or your documents because most of the times its a scam.

2) Apply Online Using Official Website

You can also apply using the official website you need to download the Canada Visit Visa application form and fill that and submit that.We will be giving you a link to the canada visa application form below and once you have the visit visa for Canada you can visit there and even apply for a work visa.

Required Documents To Apply For A Canadian Visit Visa:-

  1. Your Passport (This is a must)
  2. 2 Passport Size Photos
  3. Family Registration Certificates
  4. Work Experience Letter (If Working)
  5. Leave information in your work experience letter
  6. Salary Slip Information for last 6 months
  7. Bank Information showing that you have enough money to stay and spend in Canada
  8. Marriage Registration Certificate (If Married)
  9. Hotel Booking Details
  10. Cover Letter (It Includes all the details about yourself and your journey plans for the journey)

So after filling the form you just need to submit it online and wait for their response and if they find everything good in your application then you will be issued a visit visa. You can visit Canada and then apply for a work visa there after that.

Hope you now understand the process of applying for Canada Visa From Dubai and here you will get the link to Canda Visit Visa Application Form as well. So let us know if you have any other question and we will be happy to help.

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