How To Get Tourist Visa For Dubai From India

Get Tourist Visa For Dubai From India

Dubai is one of the most sought travel places among people who love travelling and have multiple adventures doing so, Dubai is like a heaven for tourists and that is why Dubai is one the most travelled places in the world. Dubai has a strict visa policy but if you have everything going right for you then you can easily get tourist visa for Dubai from India.

Dubai has certain procedures that need to be followed in order to get the tourist visa for Dubai. Dubai doesn’t have any official visa website of their own and that is why most of the travellers are confused as to where should they apply and how they can apply for the tourist visa.

Visa is moderately easy to get if you have all the required documents and if you don’t have any legal matters against you going on in the court that prohibits you from flying abroad. Tourists need to plan ahead in order to get their visa, they need to plan their flights and how long are they going to be in Dubai and for what purpose.

Get Tourist Visa For Dubai From India

The purpose for entering is very important while applying for the visa and most apply either travel for tourism, study abroad purpose or Job purposes. The visa for all three are different and have different procedures to follow but for the most, part the process is the same and simple and we will be including the steps to follow while doing so and the required documents to apply for the visa.

People Who Can Apply For Dubai Tourist Visa:

Dubai visa asks for the intent and the purpose of travelling to Dubai and that is why you need to mention why you are visiting Dubai and for long are you visiting Dubai and what will you be doing there. The most common thing that people fill in the form is one of these:-

  • Study Abroad
  • Tourism
  • Job Or Business

How To Get Tourist Visa For Dubai From India

The process is quite easy but it can become near impossible to get when you don’t have the required documents or are trying to travel illegally. The required documents for the applying process is listed below:-

  • Scanned copy of the first, last and remarks page of the passport.
  • Scanned copy of passport size photograph.
  • In case of a child travelling:
    РA scanned photograph of the child
    – Scanned passport copy of parents
    – Birth certificate of the child in Arabic and English

There is no way to apply for the visa on the Dubai website so you need to find a partner who can help you apply for the Dubai tourist visa. There are many official travel companies who help you in doing so and all of them have different rates, you need to find an agent that suits you the best.

There are some others things that should be considered when applying for the visa and we are listing them here well so make sure that you know all the things you need to know while applying for the Dubai Visa.

  • Female travellers below the age of 16 cannot travel alone.
  • You don’t need to have a confirmed return airline ticket but you need to have OTB before boarding the flight.
  • Always print out copies of your Visa and passport and keep multiple copies on you at every time. It is not mandatory to submit or show them but it is wise to carry them at all time.

So these are the things you need to know before you can get a tourist visa for Dubai from India. We will be posting more articles regarding Dubai Visa and we will be updating this article on a regular basis as well. So keep visiting for more recent highlights on the travelling world.

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