What To Do Before Visiting A Zika Virus Infected City Or Country

Zika virus is an easily transmitted virus and there are many ways to transmit Zika Virus and this is why before visiting A Zika Virus infected city or country you need to take proper safety measures to ensure that you don’t get infected by Zika.

Zika Virus is spread by a daytime active mosquito called “Aedes” and the virus often causes low symptoms but due to a lack of treatment, the chances of transmission are very high. Summer season is on its way and many of you might be planning a trip to a certain destination so it is advised to first check if the place you are going to visit had any cases of Zika in past or present.

Zika Virus Infected City

Zika Virus is dangerous, mostly to pregnant women so it advised to not visit any place with Zika history if you are expecting a child and if you are visiting make sure you take proper measures and if you don’t know what should you do before visiting A Zika Virus infected city or country then this article is for you.

All the tips published here are the things recommended by a medical expert and you can follow these and stay healthy and take a trip to wherever you want and whenever you want.

What Do Before Visiting A Zika Virus Infected Country

1) Research the place you are thinking of visiting

Before buying the ticket and making all the plans make sure you research where you are going and is it Zika Affected or not? Zika is right now in more than 60 countries and territories which include south and central America and Caribbean countries.

As stated earlier pregnant ladies are advised not to visit any of the places which have Zika cases reported in the last 6 months but if you are still thinking of visiting make sure you consult your doctor and follow everything he asks you to and don’t forget to buy an EPA-registered mosquito repellent and use proper netting while sleeping.

If you are going on vacation then it is advised to pick a high altitude place which is above 6,500 feet because mosquitoes cannot thrive in those places.

2) Plan your defense against Zika Virus beforehand

When visiting a Zika infected area it is good to be prepared beforehand and this is why you need to pack proper clothes, book proper hotel and more. If you are visiting a Zika infected area make sure you carry EPA registered Repellent and have plenty of mosquito netting.

Aedes mosquitoes are daytime biter so only netting at night can’t save your from Zika and that is why you need to use your mosquito repellent more, you can choose from these top 10 mosquito repellent and have it with you all the time.

While packing pack 2-3 mosquito repellent,long-sleeved shirts, long pants or trousers and a pack of condoms if you are planning to have sex while you are on a trip and make sure to not use mosquito repellent on children of 2 years or younger.

3) What To Do After You Return

Zika is a transmittable disease and that is why you have some responsibilities towards society after your return, try your best not to transmit or spread Zika in your area. You need to take precautionary measures for 6-8 weeks of returning.

You should keep using EPA-registered mosquito repellent for next 2-3 weeks even after returning so that the mosquitoes of your neighborhood don’t pick up the virus and spread in your locality or country, we recommend these 5 best insect repellent for you to use.

It has been found that Zika can be transmitted via sex even after 4-6 weeks of returning so it’s advisable to practice safe sex and wear condoms and make sure you don’t donate blood for next 4 weeks if you are not showing any Ziks symptoms and don’t donate for around 6 weeks if you are showing some.

So these were some precautionary measures you should follow and even if you get infected with Zika while you are on your trip it, go seek medical care and it will not last more than 6 weeks and you will be good to go in no time at all. These safety measures can help many so if you know someone traveling to a Zika infected city or country share this article with him.

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