[News]One Piece 968 Manga on break this week, Release Date Announced

One Piece 968

Fans have been excitedly waiting for the release of One Piece 968 but unfortunately, it is on break and will not be released this week. In this article we have talked about the new One Piece 968 release date and when the break will end.

One piece chapter 967 is one of the best chapters of the decade and after such great chapter fans have been waiting patiently for the next chapter.

The shonen jump magazine is taking a break next week so no chapter.

One Piece 968

If the last chapter was any indication it can be seen that the story is nearing its end. Chapter 967 focuses on Roger’s final journey after oden joins him. This is very similar to the journey Luffy takes. Young Shanks and Buggy can be seen fighting which is exactly similar to the fight they had all the way back in chapter 19. While they’re at water 7 Oden meets young Franky and asks him to join so Franky potentially could’ve joined the pirate king’s crew. Well, it doesn’t matter now as he has joined the next pirate king’s crew.

After that Roger travels to the fishman islands. Here we can see young Shyarly making another major prediction, a big disaster will hit when the mermaid princess is born. Quite possibly she’s talking about Poseidon, the weapon that can shake the entire world. Roger and Oden proceed to read the poneglyphs. The perfect pirate’s song, Binks sake also makes an appearance in this chapter.

Roger arrives at Wano and Lady Toki catches a fever but instead of staying in Wano with her, he decides to continue his journey and leave his country. It looks as if he’s turning his back to his own country. 

Following a vivre card, they reach Zou where they find out about the Kozuki and Minks relationship. After reading the poneglyph, they figure out the final destination and decide to leave immediately. Sadly Buggy got sick during that time so Shanks and Buggy decide to stay back and not go to the final island. 

Roger reaches the final island and the news spreads like wildfire. He is dubbed as the king of the pirates. He has learned all the secrets related to the void century, the meaning of D name and also the ancient weapons. But after seeing all this, the only reaction they had was that of laughter. They all laughed, which is why the name of the last island is Laugh tale. But it’s important to remember that Rayleigh told Robin “you might come to a different conclusion than we did”

The last chapter showed us a glimpse of what the Roger Pirates’ final journey was like. It is possible that Luffy might also follow a similar journey. This flashback and the last chapter specifically have hyped up the fans worldwide because all the mysteries of the One Piece world which have been hidden for so many years will be revealed slowly but surely.

One Piece Manga 968 on break this week

So after reading such amazing chapters, we’ll have to wait at least 2 weeks to get the next one. Since the last few chapters have been too good the wait is too much to handle.

One Piece Manga 968 spoilers are going to be released soon, so keep an eye out for them and the raw scans for the upcoming manga chapter will be released soon as well.

One Piece Manga 968 Release Date

Chapter 968 will return after the break on 20th January but the raw scans might be available as soon as the 17th. It is possible that the chapter might leak early like 967.

We will let you know as soon as we get any information regarding One Piece 968 release date and will keep you all informed, so keep visiting for more One Piece manga-related news and don’t forget to follow Recent Highlights on all social media channels.

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