Read One Piece 971 Spoilers, Raw Scans And Release Date

Read One Piece 971

Last week the manga was on break and fans were eagerly waiting to read One Piece 971 spoilers and raw scans. Today we will be discussing what happened in the last chapter and what we might get to see the upcoming One Piece Chapter 971.

Presently, we are into the Third Act of Wano. On the day of the fire festival, Kin’emon and the scabbards reached Port Tokage, ready for the rebellion against the Shogun. But to their dismay, they found the place completely ransacked and all their allies have disappeared without trail.

As they question the events of the previous night, which were clearly the reason for their dismay, we get to see how Lord Orochi was already informed about the rebellion and he had strategically cut off their path, destroyed bridges and effectively divided them. In such a perilous stage, enter the Flashback arc.

We are taken back to an era, more than 20 years ago. Here, we get to meet the legend, Kozuki Oden. We find out about his amazing life. We find a very strong, popular, arrogant brat, who despite his reckless nature is extremely lovable.

Oden wins the heart of all fans with his actions and his care for his country. We get to see him meet the scabbards, his journey as a part of Whitebeard’s crew, his journey with Pirate King Roger, his meeting with Toki and so on.

Read One Piece 971

Soon, they find the One Piece and Oden returns to Wano. In Wano, a string of malicious and treacherous events take place, with Orochi and Kaido at the helm. Oden confronts Orochi but to protect the people of Wano, is forced to give up on overthrowing him.

Instead, the mighty Oden starts dancing naked on the streets of Wano, gradually losing the love and faith of the Wano residents. However, five years later, Oden finds out that Kaido and Orochi had deceived him. Enraged, Oden and the nine red scabbards march out to defeat the usurpers, once and for all.

What Happened In One Piece 970?

As Oden sets out for battle, he requests Lord Yasuie to protect his family. Yasuie immediately rides out with his group and comes to the aid of Toki, who is taking care of a Momonosuke and Hiyori. Oden is surprised to see Kaido in his path, ready to face him. Kaido reveals that there is a spy in Oden’s palace.

He further reveals that they had tricked Oden into dancing naked because 5 years ago, Kaido was at a major disadvantage. He didn’t want Oden to join hands with Hyogoro and raise a full-fledged battle because Kaido was short on manpower due to his fight with Gekko Moria and didn’t want to battle.

He says that if back then, Oden had been the same reckless man he was and charged at Kaido, then the future would be different. However, Oden chose to protect the people of Wano and that led to this future. Kaido points out that Oden is just like Whitebeard and Roger, someone with immense strength but their kind nature is their weakness, their love for people softens them.

Kaido had successfully manipulated Oden to delay his attack, lose his support in Wano and his dignity as well. Although Oden is angered by this, he declares that he doesn’t regret choosing to protect the people of Wano and is going to change the future.

A huge battle breaks out, as Oden and the scabbards charge in without fear, into the frighteningly large army of Kaido. Even though they are completely outnumbered, the scabbards show no sign of fear. A vicious Oden cuts through Kaido’s men, as sparks of his haki spreads.

The fight goes on with the samurai overpowering the Kaido’s army;  the 11 samurai fuelled by their love for Wano and a 1000 men army fuelled by huge numbers. We see a sniper target Oden but is immediately taken out by a young Shinobu. Oden recognizes her and she joins his side to fight against Kaido. She gives a brief account of her loyalty to the Kozuki name and says it is her dream to serve Oden.

Shinobu is readily accepted by the scabbards as well. Oden’s endurance surpassed everyone’s imaginations and after a long fight, he finally reached Kaido. With a nitoryu move, ‘Paradise Totsuka’, the put the cross-shaped cut on Kaido. As Kaido came crushing down, Oden charged at him with full might. But just as he was about to cut Kaido, things took a drastic turn. Momonosuke, Oden’s son, cried out for help from his father!!! As Oden turned towards him, he was struck.

That momentary distraction was all Kaido needed to take down Oden; Kaido assumed his human form and hit Oden from behind with his mace. Now, Momonosuke is revealed to be Higurashi, who had used her devil fruit abilities to transform into him. With Oden down, the scabbards are distracted as well and they too are taken down easily. Ashura Douji, in particular, is stabbed from behind by King.

One Piece 971

The forest, where the fight transpired, burnt on flames for 5 days until it rained. Oden and his men were captured and taken to the flower capital to await their sentence for execution. They were accused of plotting against the shogun and the oblivious people of Wano judged them harshly.

We see Shinobu roaming free as Oden regained consciousness soon and pretended he didn’t know her and she was an assassin sent to kill him. As Toki, Yasuie, Tsuru await the return of their men, the sentence is passed – Oden and his 9 men, who are currently held in Rassetsu prison, will be executed in 3 days by being boiled to death.

We will get to see how Oden helps the nine red scabbards escape in the upcoming One Piece Manga 971 and we are sharing spoilers and raw scans release date of Chapter 971 below for you to read.

Factoids for Chapter 970:

  • The starting page shows the fate of Gang Bege. Capone and Vito are being kissed by the people affected the kiss-kiss germ.
  • Momonosuke reads a book of Kenjutsu. He is later shown to be kicked around by a playful Hiyori.
  • Lord Yasuie points out that Momo is 8 years old, so we know that the time travel is at hand.
  • The identity of the spy is still unknown however, he/she is probably at the castle. We can assume it’s the same spy who has been betraying the alliance at the normal storyline.
  • Kaido mentions his castle being built at Onigashima, which was previously a deserted land, as pointed out by Oden.
  • Shinobu joining this doomed fight probably means that she is not the traitor. However, she knows why Oden acted like a fool, she knows about their deal and something about a ‘boat’.
  • Shinobu might be related to Katsuzo, i.e, his granddaughter.
  • During the battle, we get silhouettes of King and Queen in Kaido’s rank. We do not see Jack yet.
  • Oden slashes Kaido with his two Great grade katana, Enma and Ame no Hibakiri.
  • A question that arises is when did Higurashi touch Momo’s face? Because without touching, the transformation can’t happen.
  • The bandages on Inu and Neko show how they got their scars.

Read One Piece 971 Spoilers And Predictions

One Piece 971 flashback chapter, and we already know a huge amount about the future. So it is easy to predict the contents of the next chapter. We will see Oden gather the last of his strength to help his retainers escape, as all the retainers are alive 20 years later.

After that, Oden is going to die. “Open the borders of Wano” is going to be his last order to the scabbards. Furthermore, we know that Toki will send some of the Scabbards and Momo to the future, so we will see her power. Orochi or Kaido will probably attack his castle and execute everyone.

The remaining scabbards and Hiyori will escape death as well; Kawamatsu raising Hiyori, Neko and Inu blaming themselves and starting their quarrel, Douji escaping somewhere.

The One Piece Chapter 971 will probably draw the conclusion to this flashback arc and maybe, in the final panel, we will jump back into the present timeline, where the gates of Wano will finally be opened on the destined day.

One Piece Chapter 971 Raw Scans Release Date

The One Piece Chapter 971 was on break last week and that is why we didn’t get the One Piece Chapter 971 raw scans this week.

The raw scans will be released this Thursday on 13th February 2020. We will be sharing the raw scans as soon as they get released. So make sure to check this page regularly to read the raw scans as soon as they get released.

When will One Piece 971 finally get released?

One Piece 971 was on break last week and now the official release date has been announced. The chapter will be released on 17th February 2020.

Where can we read the upcoming One Piece Manga Chapter 971?

When the chapter gets released, you can read the chapter on Viz.

Will Oden finally die in the next One Piece Chapter?

It seems like Oden will stay back to help the nine red scabbards escape.
Many fans believe that Oden might not die but we are sure that Oden will be boiled alive in the next chapter.

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